Day Camp for extraordinary kids: Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow etc.?

I was born an intuitive and fitting in with what is called “normal” was always a challenge. I now have the opportunity to work with like minded kids and their parents. I do this by coaching the parents and grandparents on how to deal with these amazing but challenging children that have arrived in their lives. Creating a loving and supporting coherent field of sound from the voices of the children, parents and grandparents has helped families relax more and let go. The results are that the family flow of activity can occur with more understanding, ease and grace.

I am thinking of a fun day for indigo, crystal and rainbow kids and their parents. A time for parents to share stories and support. Older indigos can play and share with younger ones.  Maybe a clown, a jungle gym, a visit from Snow White, a picnic, a tea party a swim, a picnic or other ideas? Anyone out there interested in spreading the word, organizing or helping?

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