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There are many ways that you can ask for the most benevolent outcomes (MB0s). For example you can use MBOs to compress or stretch time, for protection on a road trip, to materialize a parking spot, in an accident to speed up recovery time. You can ask for the most benevolent outcomes for other people in emergencies or any other situation of stress or duress.

 Using MBOs Every Day

Anytime you feel low, stressed or out of sorts it is a good time to stop, take a deep breath and request an MBO from your Guardian Angels. You can ask for any outcome you want like love, peace, joy, harmony and balance in any situation. You can ask for prosperity or wisdom. You can ask your guardian angel to please walk with you to raise your vibration, and yes-within seconds, you will feel a difference. If you are a wellness or healing practitioner, I suggest you ask for MBO’s for your clients as well. It’s amazing to see the results when you asked for this extra assistance.

 MBOs are Amazing Tools

Any time you have computer or printer problems or glitches just request that an MBO. Usually they will begin to work with ease and grace as if a spontaneous healing occurred. Stop struggling with the daily stressful situations you are presented with. Stop pushing the river. Take a deep breath and sigh on the exhale. Go inwardly and asked for an MBO. Usually the situation will be resolved immediately with ease and grace. Your job is to stop doing and ask for an MBO, sit in silence for a moment and know that your request will be answered. How the MBO arrives is none of your business and it will appear as if out of nowhere in unexpected ways as if by pure magic. You’ll be surprised at how easy the results manifest.

 You can ask for MBOs for just about Everything

You can ask for an increase in your business. You can ask for personal protection on a trip. You can ask to speed up the healing process after an accident or an personal injury. You can ask to speed up or compress time. You can ask to change the weather. You can say benevolent prayers for other people. When forming your benevolent prayers, it is important that you “ask” instead of “request.” For example, “I asked my guardian angels to assist in the aid and recovery of any person or situation and that the MBO occur faster than any of us can hope for or expect. Thank you! It is very important to express gratitude

Remember to send light to others

Benevolent prayers can be said for people in peril due to earthquakes, floods or natural disasters. You could say something like this, “I asked that any and all beings assists the ____________ people in recovering from ______________ and may the results be even better than they can hope for or expect. Thank you!”

When is the last time you sent love and light to this planet? Just imagine sending love and light completely around the planet and that it go to wherever it’s needed most. Put this on your schedule at least once a week!

Time compression if you’re running late asked for the most benevolent outcome the results that can occur is the feeling of time being compressed or stretched according to the situation of the events as they unfold. The results is you are at the right place at the right time to do whatever is necessary for the most benevolent outcome. So if the MBO is that it will take you longer to get there in order to avoid an accident on the road than time will be stretched or if you need to get there faster because you’re running late than time will be compressed. Your job is to it just asked for the most benevolent outcome how it occurs and how it is manifested is up to your Angels and really is none of your business your job is to stay connected to source and express gratitude when you receive the results and ways that you least expect it. For a time compression you can say, “I request the compression of the time until _______, or you can say, “on or before my appointment time. Thank you!”  But remember, don’t look at the clock, otherwise sacred time which is malleable becomes fixed clock time!


You can say, “I request the most benevolent outcome for my relationship to improve with _______, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect. Thank you!” You can also say, “I ask any and all beings to assist __________in forgiving me so that we can be close again. Thank you!” Remember some relationships are due to your soul contract and it’s best to move on or in some cases stay. If you ask for the MBO it will sort itself out without you needing to fuss about it.

Requesting benevolent outcomes truly does make your life easier and less stressful. If you have a most benevolent outcome story please drop me an email and let me know at


    • madhu on September 22, 2013 at 1:59 am
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    HIi this MBO thing is new to me .Can u help me to frame correctly my request for getting more orders and increasing the sales of my daughters business .Thank you

    1. Asking for the MBO outcome for any situation is straight forward and easy. You are asking the mystery of the universe to assist you to provide the most benevolent outcome and then get out of the way so it can manifest. So for your daughter’s business you could say something like, “I ask for the MBO for my daughter’s business.” Now get out of the way and let it manifest. If you feel a clearing of the business and your daughter is a appropriate then I suggest a deep clearing which is found on this web site.

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