Holistic Pain Management

 Holistic Stress & Pain Management

If you suffer from pain or stress and want to become pain-free then here are a few suggestions.

The Cause of Pain or Stress

Pain or stress is due to underlying issues of unresolved trauma, core fractures or due to major accidents. These trapped emotions need to be released from your bio energy field otherwise they continue to echo through your life from this lifetime to the next. The conventional away of dealing with these types of unresolved issues is through psychoanalysis, or other techniques that rely on you remembering and releasing the trapped emotion.

Sound Healing

The beauty of Quantum Sound Healing, which uses your own recorded voice, is that the sound itself fractures or releases the underlying issue.  You do not need to know or remember the original incident. This means this technique is profoundly simple, straightforward and gets the job done with no fuss or muss. If you would like more information on sound healing click here and to arrange for a sound session please click here.

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

To remove pain from sprains, joint inflammation or injuries or even arthritis I suggest transdermal magnesium therapy. Most people are magnesium deficient.  Transdermal Magnesium Therapy which comes in three forms, a spray, a gel and a bath salt for a relaxing hot soak in the tub. For more information on how to use magnesium to relieve pain and to order click here.

A Doctor in the Bottle

The second product that I highly recommend is sprouting wheat or what I call a doctor in the bottle. This product is made from a special hard winter wheat called Triticum Aestivum that is sprouted. This product comes in two types of sprays. Triticum clear which is non-straining and Triticum gold which is stronger but does stain. These products when sprayed as a mist into the surrounding atmosphere ground the bio electric energy field of the body and EMFs to the earth. If you are hyper-sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) or have allergies or environmental sensitivities this is the product for you. For more information on a Doctor in the Bottle click here. For information on how to use the product and for testimonials please visit and like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sproutinghealth .

Healing Rings with Triticum

We have put Triticum Aestivum inside Healing Rings which makes them 5 times more effective.  The Healing Rings (HRs) are available in various circumferences from bracelets, neck rings, through to larger ones that you can put around your easy chair.  The HRs creates a 90° energy field from ring which when placed around the body ionizes the blood, removes toxins and energizes the body. For best results place a HR around your easy chair. Next mist the back of the chair with Triticum before your sit down. Now when you sit your body will relax and discharge the stress, pain and non-beneficial EMFs that have over stressed your bio-electrical field and ground it to the earth. For information about HRs and to order  please click here.

Healing Spiral with Triticum

We have developed another product that you can place under your mattress. This is a 7 ring spiral of copper with Triticum inside it. You place your healing intention inside a radionics broadcaster that is placed over a major leyline.  The spiral is then connected to the radionics broadcaster to charge it with your healing intention for about two hours. Once disconnected from the radionics broadcaster the spiral is placed under your mattress. A wire is attached to the end of the spiral and plugged into the ground of an electrical wall plug which in turn is ground the energy to the earth. The energy then runs back through the earth to the radionics broadcaster completing the circuit. Mist above the bed to ground the EMFs. Now climb into bed and allow your body relax, de-stress and release pain. You will now sleep deeper. Your body will heal itself and you awake fresh and alert. For more information on the Triticum spiral just  click here.

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  1. Incredibly helpFULL products I an my active family use on a regular basis!!! inJOY

  2. Yes pain is helpful in pain management, but it is best to deal with the underlying source of the pain whether it trauma, unresolved issues any anything else that no loner serves you.
    If you want to talk about it call toll free 1-866-369-7464

  3. For pain management the best approach is to realize your body is speaking to you in the only language you understand which is pain. Your body is telling you in no uncertain terms that you need to deal with the underlying issue(s) once and for all. I suggest you book a FREE half hour session by calling 1-866-369-7464 so we can get started. Regards Tyhson

  4. Meditation has been proven to help with pain management but that being said I would like to deal with the underlying issue of what is the source of the pain. What is your body trying to tell you in the only language it know which are emotions from pain to pleasure. I suggest you book a session.
    FREE Vibrant Health Assessment Session
    Get Your Life Back NOW! – Double Your Personal Energy in 90 days or less. Imagine being vibrantly healthy Just use this link to book your FREE half hour session https://www.timetrade.com/book/3VD31 or phone Toll Free in North America 1-866-369-7464

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