Happiness is an Inside Job


“Everything is always changing. “There is a cause-and-effect lawfulness that governs all unfolding experience.
“What I do matters, but I am not in charge. Suffering results from struggling with what is beyond my control.
― Sylvia Boorstein

Happiness is an inside job. Stop the mental commentary and stay in the NOW!  The majority of your suffering is from the stories you are creating in your mind.  Of course bad things can happen, but in most cases there is a solution, and it  rarely is as bad as you imagine it to be!

As a wellness provider and soul coach, I can assist you to move from where you are to where you want to be. Usually this involves resolving issues and/or fears from the PAST or about the FUTURE. I help you become fully present NOW so you always are in the right place at the right time following your bliss.
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