The Power of Higher Thoughts

thoughtpowerLife is all about consciousness! And in order to lift your consciousness to a higher level you must change your thoughts about yourself and others to higher, positive thoughts.  It doesn’t matter what issues you are dealing with in your life, try to keep your thoughts focused on the most ideal outcome for yourself and others. Every thought carries a specific vibration.  If is is a positive thought like love, it is vibrating at a higher frequency. If it is a negative thought like hate, it’s vibrating at a lower frequency. We are all energy beings and we are connected, so it is important to think about higher thoughts for others also.

If you don’t believe your thoughts can have an impact on others read about  Professor Emoto and his water crystals experiments, which consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures, or music. He then froze the water and photographed the crystals.Dr. Emoto’s experiment showed that the water influenced by positive words and music, resulted in beautiful well formed crystals, and negative words resulted in malformed and misshapen crystals.

Bear in mind your body is over 75% water and 83% of your life blood is water. Water is also what connects us to all living things and to Mother Earth and all your emotions are storied in the medium of water. Book a Sacred Soul Sounds session either in person or online and create a bottle of structured water imprinted with your with your voice for you to enjoy after the session. For a FREE 15 minute orientation session click here




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