Gut problems?

Many gut issues are related to an overly acidic body. The time has finally come to learn how best to detoxify heavy metals and restore a normal pH to the body.

Symptoms are often associated with dysbiosis include esophogitis, colitis, malabsorption, the presence of “gut bugs,” and mal-formed stool (either constipation or diarrhea).

Heavy metals and environmental chemicals may cause metabolic acidosis. Additionally poor diet, medications, and stress can all deplete minerals, exacerbating the overly acidic condition in the gut and contributing to dysbiosis and malabsorption. When the body ceases to absorb proper nutrients, organic minerals and mineral supplements never have the opportunity to reach their proper destinations. The lack of these alkaline molecules further amplifies acidity in the body, which will lead to even greater breakdown of absorption in the gut. Further, when our bodies are too acidic, this hampers the normal metabolism of the cell, making it more difficult for it to clean out and eliminate toxicity.

cerra-systemThe Cerra Water is used to treat the symptoms of acidosis by helping to remineralize and alkalize the gut.

The cartridge removes chlorine and other contaminates from the water and deposits negative hydroxyl ions and essential minerals into the water This ionic water has an abundance of extra electrons that are donated to free radicals in the body, helping the water serve as a superior antioxidant. Further, minerals in the water become ionized, making them smaller and more readily available to the body. The ionized water is 6 times more hydrating than tap or bottles water. Ionized water provides the safest method for increasing the body’s pH and improving digestion.

Doctor F. Batmanghelidj has documented that the unique hydrating effects of the ionized water helps the brain chemistry to function in a normal way.

We live in a very toxic world, and environmental chemicals beyond mercury will continue to plague our bodies and contribute to acidosis. The Cerra alkaline ionized water unit is safe for the entire family to use to help reduce toxic overload and restore normal pH to the body.

To learn more about the Cerra Water System click here

The original article from which this one was extracted was written by Pamela Barinoff, B.A., N.C.,Certified Nutritional Consultant, Ph: 604-535-0742,

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What is Getting in the Way of Your Dreams :How to Lessen the Negative Mind Chatter

Business woman thinking about positive and negative thinkingDo you sometimes feel that there is a continuous conversation going on in your head, and that a lot of your precious time and energy is wasted on unimportant thoughts that may or may not happen? And to make matters worse, the conversation seems to start from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep.

The majority of this inner dialogue is usually constant judging of yourself and others and a myriad of comments and opinions about everything under the sun and most of it negative and serves no purpose.

It also seems that the more you allow these thoughts, the more you become attached to to them and find you are unable to stop them. Throw in some emotion and you give these thoughts power and energy. You can think of these thoughts as if they were affirmations. Therefore, any repetitive thoughts will eventually affect the subconscious mind, which consequently, accepts these thoughts and words and acts on them. The bottom line is positive thoughts bring positive results and can only improve your life, negative thoughts bring negative results, which is to your detriment.

Luckily, there is a way to use this to your advantage. Even though this thought process is an automatic activity, with practice you can learn to be aware of it. Once you are fully aware, you have the ability to start having some control over it. You can learn to change the negative chatter into something positive.

Start slowly and try to be aware of your thoughts as much as possible. Quietly observe what is going on in your mind. You may find after a few moments you might forget to do this, so gently remind yourself to keep your attention on what is happening inside you head. Eventually you will be able to do this for longer and longer periods. Watching what the mind is doing will also help you to start to detach from any negative thoughts and self limiting beliefs.

Starting today, try to catch any useless, negative chatter in your head and stop it. Change the negative chatter into something positive and empowering. Some people find it beneficial to visualize a big red stop sign to remind them to nix these self defeating thoughts and change them to something positive, such as ones about vibrant health, joy, happiness and success.

Have an empowering day!


Stress and Nutritional Deficiencies

stressnutritionaldeficiencyEverything nowadays seems to be happening on fast forward. We all expect instant gratification and there is this inherent need to do everything possible to keep up with the pace of the world.

The consequence of this is chronic stress, which takes a major toll on one’s health and research has shown there is a definite link between stress and nutritional deficiencies

If you are stressed out, your way of coping may be to resort to the wrong foods, like those with high levels of fat, salt and sugar. We may call these comfort foods, but we tend to crave these foods when the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, increases. Another thing that tends to happen when a person is stressed out, is that they skip meals, or eat on the run. These unhealthy habits can affect our bodies in a negative way, causing blood sugar imbalances. When we skip meals or choose unhealthy food over healthier options our blood sugar is no longer balanced and can either be too high or too low. These fluctuations can cause fatigue, poor focus and concentration, mood swings and other health issues .And in the long run poor nutrition can lead to lowered immunity, making you more susceptible to illness and other diseases,. which leads to even more stress.

Stressed out people also tend to resort to coffee, tea and cola to increase their energy level. A cup of coffee may be a good morning starter, but the over consumption of caffeine can have a negative toll on your overall health, causing sleep disturbances and increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

With our busy lives, it’s also easy to forget to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated, In fact, many people drink no water at all and get water only from coffee, tea or other beverages.

The bottom line is balanced nutrition plays a huge role when we are under stress and when stress occurs proper nutrition including adequate hydration, will boost our resistance against the affects that stress can bring on the body. It is also important to note that even if we eat a healthy diet any nutrients we do consume will be used up by the body at a much quicker rate when we are under stress than when we are stress free, so nutritional supplementation such as a vitamin/ mineral formula may be required.

For healthy ways to deal with stress see article Take some Me Time

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Sometimes we need a little help.

greatcoachI’ve always thought that people need to feel good about themselves and I see my role as offering support to them, to provide some light along the way.” ~Leo Buscaglia

A common barrier to personal growth and development is our support systems, or lack of support. Negative messages from family, friends, and co-workers will only serve to bring us down, not lift us up. Surrounding yourself with people who are like minded and striving for success in their careers and their life will help you to do the same. Whether you get support from an organized group, your friends, or your family makes no difference. The support that you get, the motivational pep talks and the shoulder to cry on when things go wrong, will help you to realize all of your goals and overcome your barriers to personal growth and development.

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Take Time to Smell the Flowers

smelltheflowersTake time to smell the flowers! “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” ― Henry David Thoreau

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Change the Within


Empowering thought for the day… “For Every Outside Effect There is an Inner Cause: Every effect you see in your outside or physical world has a specific cause which has its origin in your inner or mental world. This is the essence of thought power. Put another way, the conditions and circumstances of your life are as a result of your collective thoughts and beliefs. James Allen said it best when he said “circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him”. Every aspect of your life, from the state of your finances to the state of your health and your relationships, is accurately revealing your thoughts and your beliefs.” ~ Tania Kotsos from, Thought Power :Your Thoughts Create Your Reality



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