Service Areas

Further steps to reach your business goals & improve your health.

After a 30 minute free consultation the next step is a Wellness Assessment to determine stress levels, potential health risks and  to focus on your personal wellness.

What is in your Life is in your Business

Next we will determine a Business Wellness Plan to assist you with your goals.

Session can be done by phone, Skype or in person.

Focus areas that some clients have chosen are:

• Soul Coaching
• Clear energy blockages
• Relax
• Release stress
• Overcome sensitivity to EMF – electro-magnetic energy
• Balance their energy
• Remove pain
• Mental clarity
• Release old patterns
• Self awareness
• Change their diet
• Lose weight
• Emotional release
• Purchase holistic products
• Boosts immune system
• Reverses muscle spasms and inflammation
• Reverses asthma and allergies
• Clear sinuses
• Improve blood circulation
• Cleanse system
• Reduce cholesterol
• Balance weight and reduces fat
• Relieve indigestion
• Relieve acid reflux
• Reduce heartburn
• Reverse IBS
• Relieve constipation
• Clear skin conditions
• Reverse migraines and headaches
• Improve mental clarity
• Reduce fatigue and depression
• Increase energy

My job is to coach you, empower you and assist you to make you own discoveries and to find your own solutions. Therefore, I do not diagnose, treat or cure as that is your doctor’s responsibility.

Book your FREE 30 Min. Consultation Session right now and find out which of the many services will support you to reach your goals, improve your health and your business.

To arrange a FREE consultation call me Toll Free in North America  at 1-866-369-7464.