Your Biggest Adventure Awaits You …….

Inner Voyage of Discovery Program

The simple straight forward 7 step “Lighten-up Enlightenment Program.”

with certified spiritual coach Tyhson Banighen

The Problem

• Are you overwhelmed with what you think you need to do in order to succeed?
• Is your world changing vision taking everything (your time, energy and money) except taking off?
• Has your cause become more like a crusade, exhausting and emotionally overwhelming?
• Are you constantly looking for a way to deliver your message and build your tribe while making crazy good money?

The Solution

So I ask you are you ready to create a vibrate business, have a healthy lifestyle, be in service to humanity
and the planet, have lots of fun and make lots of crazy money then

Congratulations! You’ve found it!

Welcome to The Visionary’s Guide to Getting Paid for Delivering your Dream.

This a simple, elegant, straight forward 7 step voyage of discovery program to help you get you there.

Our Mission

Our mission is to let go, surrender have fun “just lighten up” and as we become enlightened.

To listen to an online interview about the program with Living Proof Radio Host Tammra Broughton please click here or paste the following link into your browser https://www.facebook.com/events/750235831682051/?source=1 If this resonates and you want the pre-launch price with you then just book a FREE 30 minute time so we can talk. Just use this link or paste the following link into your browser https://www.timetrade.com/book/FQMXS



Year Long Program

This year long program provides one to one coaching and mentorship plus access to a community of fellow travelers on the inner journey of self-discovery. During one to one weekly coaching and mentoring sessions I provide you with simple, straight forward tools that you can use daily for personal growth, transformation and personal enlightenment.

This is a journey of letting go what no longer serves you. This is an inner journey to re-member your childhood of innocence when you were happy, playful and joyful. You were full connected and guided by Source. Along the way you got lost in societal structures and beliefs and you lost your innocence and your connection.

Some of these tools of reconnection to Source come in the form of on-line courses or learning modules.

What is Involved?

The process starts with a personal Wellness Assessment to establish a base line of your health and well being. Pain and dis-ease are messages from the body that change is required. We then discuss where we want to start and how to proceed. While the destination is the same for all of us the journey and the way we get there can be personalized for each traveler.

For example the sound healing module is to set your soul song free. Guided by your own inner voice you will remove unresolved trauma or blocked emotional energy which allows your true nature to come forth. As a result you will have more energy for daily activities, personal growth or enlightenment. Daily you will listen to a supportive soundscape guided by your own inner voice plus you will drink personal structured water embedded with your intention. This will assist you to manifest your intentions into the world. Together we will create a new laser focused intention statement for each month and create a new soundscape. You will also receive a Focus IQube delivered to you home to create a supportive scalar wave soundscape in which manifest your intentions, dreams program or projects into the world.

In another module you learn how to create laser clear invocation statements that are directed to your subconscious to release blockages and unresolved emotional issues.

Another module is to learn how to tap into your intuition on demand so you are not manifesting what you think you want from your ego but are being guided by your true nature and Source.

Three times a year we will have an opportunity to come together and meet likeminded people. My partner and I attend both the spring and fall conferences of the Canadian Society of Questers www.questers.ca who are also on the path. If enough of us attend we eat together and meet after or during the conference to discuss what we have learned.

At least once a year I will invite you to join us on a sacred journey of discovery. This year’s sacred journey is to Mexico and to the land of the Toltec and Mayan peoples. From December 1 to 8th we will learn about and follow the sacred path of the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl-Kulkulcan, the Christed being of the Mayan people, who achieved full embodied enlightenment. He left his legacy in the Toltec and Mayan stone temples. Here you will learn from the shaman we work with Miguel Angel Vergara how to do sacred ceremony at the stone temples and to call in the Lord of Light to assist you on your path to enlightenment. I hope you plan to join us.

Each month on your journey you will climb another rung on Jacob’s ladder on our journey home.

Are You Joining Us?

I am looking for fellow travelers, fun seekers of truth and those that want to undertake a mission of self-discovery. Together we will re-discover the roots of who we are and why we are here. We will seek out and use ancient and modern technologies of Self Discovery that are simple, straight forward, fun and playful and can be easily learned by anyone. By traveling together the journey will be richer and deeper as we share our experiences. This Voyage of Discovery is an inner journey, a sacred quest to let go of who we think we are and should be doing and rather to re-member, re-awaken and re-connect to our true inner nature and to the massive magical energy of Nature, Earth and the rest of the cosmos. As humans we forget in the midst of our busy lives that we are already one with all of life. Because we individually and collectively create the world we live in why not chose to create a new way of being that is light hearted and full of fun and dance.

As we journey inward we re-connect to the deeper part of our true inner nature.

Why a Voyage of Self Discovery?

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus’ Voyage of Discovery to the New World. Note he is not flying the flag of Spain but the flag with the Knights Templar Cross which is also emblazoned on his sails.

Ever since man has left the cave he has been on a voyage of self-discovery. In 1492 Christopher sailed from a Spanish port on four Voyages of Discovery that lead to the discovery of America. In 1977 America launched the Voyager unmanned space missions to explore beyond the planets and into installer space. In 1995 the Star Trek: Voyager a science fiction television series set in the Star Trek universe was launched. The show takes place during the 2370s, and begins on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy, 75,000 light-years from Earth.

All these are outer journeys of discovery but the real voyage of discovery lies within which is to know oneself and why you are here. There comes a cross road in everyone’s life when an inward journey of self-discovery becomes necessary. Maybe it is triggered by a peak experience, a hallucinogenic, an accident, a near death experience, the dark night of the soul or maybe an illness but whatever form it comes in it is a wake up call. Until then you had no clue that the journey necessary was inward.

A Voyage of Discovery is an inner quest to re-discover our unique gifts and to deliver them to the world in an authentic heart felt manner that en-livens us, peoples’ lives and heals the planet. The inner journey requires adapting to a new way of being: It requires stopping and listening to the still voice inside. To question all beliefs and assumptions from our rational human mind consciousness to weigh them against the truth of our heart and to listen, observe, question, be neutral, and accepting. This is for most people a new way of being.

“The treasure that lies within that you do not yet fully recognize is that of unity. Unity is not a place or a thing but the realm of the one heart and one mind: the realm of the formless and timeless, but also the realm of connectedness, of what binds all that lives in creation with the Creator” Treatise on A Course in Love

This year long course is an inner voyage of self-discovery. The course does not aim at teaching you anything new, for oneness is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of your divine presence which is love, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender


Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D.

Over one year we will use Letting Go: The Pathway to of Surrender as a resource book. Together we will create a safe community of like-minded people on a closed Facebook group and during our monthly group calls. By working together we will learn and apply simple and effective ways to remove the obstacles to Enlightenment and become free of negativity. Together we will remove the inner blocks to happiness, love, joy, success, health, and ultimately Enlightenment.
There are 21 chapters. A chapter read and discussed and implemented biweekly means it will take a minimum of 42 week to implement this book into our lives. So realistically this at least a year long course with weekly coaching plus it takes a 1000 days to own any new habits or to implement intention and manifestation statements which is 2 years and 9 months. These principles of Letting Go can be applied in all dimensions of your everyday life.
• Physical health
• Creativity
• Financial success
• Emotional healing
• Vocational fulfillment relationships
• Sexuality and
• Spiritual growth
I hope you will join me one this exciting year of inner discover and release as we move together closer towards Enlightenment.
This year long high powered program provides an effective means by which to let go of obstacles to enlightenment using a practical technique to remove the inner blocks to happiness, love, joy success, health, and ultimately enlightenment. In this course you will learn how to let go of these blocks. You will learn how to de-stress on a daily basis using the sound of your own voice and how to remove any hidden obstacles to manifesting your vision. This program includes a FOCUS cube worth $2000.00 delivered to your house for your personal use to keep you focused on realizing your vision. The total value of the FOCUS cube is $2000.00 US.

Realize Your Dreams

My passion is to also help people realize their dreams by working half as hard. Make crazy good money and have a lot of fun

Outer Voyage of Discovery

A pilgrimage or a sacred journey is a search of great moral significance. Sometimes, it is a journey to a sacred place or shrine of importance to a person’s beliefs and faith to reflect, pray or just get close to God and to ask for forgiveness. People hope to get the result they want. In some religions a pilgrimage is a key part of the religious beliefs and is ‘required’ for all practicing that religion.

But, all sacred journeys are an inner voyage of discovery to ancient sacred sites that have been used for millenniums as sites for initiation. All sacred sites started as a planetary power point where those that visited felt a closer connection to Source or God. Over time standing stones were erected in circles to magnify the energy and later stone temples. With the rise of the church many temples were torn down and the stones used to build churches or cathedrals to magnify the earth energies.

Today when you visit a sacred site you tap into these earth energy vortices and receive a download of energy which expands your consciousness which is called an initiation. An initiation attunes you to the life forces of the planet, you become more intuitive, you feel more alive and at-one-ment with all of life. You have become a planetary steward in service not just to your Higher Self and others but to the planet. These are the sacred journeys I have been on that I can assist others to discover.

Outer Sacred Journey

This year’s sacred journey is to Mexico and to the land of the Toltec and Mayan peoples. From December 1 to 8th we will learn about the sacred path of the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl-Kulkulcan, the Christed being of the Mayan people who achieved full embodied enlightenment and left his legacy in the Toltec and Mayan stone temples. Here you will learn from the shaman Miguel Angel Vergara how to do sacred ceremony at the stone temples and to call in the Lord of Light to assist you on your path to enlightenment.

To meet Miguel Angel Vergara and learn more about this sacred journey please click here or paste the following link into your browser


I hope you will feel called to join us on this voyage of inner discovery. If this is you then book a FREE half hour consultation by phone or Skype (tyhson.banighen) or paste this link into your browser https://www.timetrade.com/book/3VD31 or call toll free in North America 1-866-369-7464 or internationally 1-250 835-8236

If not now? Then when?
Live the life of your dreams!
It’s not only possible…
It’s your birthright!

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