Tao – Power Pouch

Tao – Power Pouch 

I am excited about The Tao –  Power Pouch which has been in development for years. The pouch contains a proprietary crystalline matrix formulated to organize your subtle energy fields. Instantaneously you are in the Tao flow with strength, power, endurance, stability and flexibility.

Additional the pouch can be programmed with radionics with your own intention. Your intention can be anything you want to manifest or obtain such as health, wellness, prosperity etc. There are no limits except your imagination. Of course your intention needs to be  aligned with the most benevolent outcome for all concerned and abide by the principle of do not harm to your self or others. If that is the case then you are good to go. You intention of course can be changed or upgraded at any time by returning it for reprogramming for $49,95

The product in its present form is in a small perfume vial tester which is 1 and 3/4 inches long with a diameter of 1/4 inch which you can wear around your next close to your heart. Soon it will be incorporated into a cloth pouch that you also wear around your neck.

The final product will be sold for $149.00. but if you want to test the product while it is in its development phase and write a testimonial it is available in its present incarnation for a limited time for only $99.00.

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