The Goodly Company

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Is a Canadian-owned and operated health sciences company based in Oliver, B.C, We offer an exclusive selection of OMRI-certified, 100 per cent organic humate products, as well as fulvic-fortified Divine Vine orig­i­nally developed as Life Crystals by bio-physicist George Merkl.The Goodly Company has developed a line of anti-oxidant, super-food products  that safely remove nuclear radiation and heavy metals from the body. In com­bi­na­tion with our anti-viral, anti-bacterial and high level for­mu­la­tions, these super-foods help restore homeostasis.The Goodly Company is proceeding natural health solutions for peo­ple who are organ­i­cally inclined.

The Phi­los­o­phy

Alchemy is with God, with nature, and it is with alchemy, with intent that we touch your life. In sacred geom­e­try our Divine Order, like nat­ural laws that gov­ern the sacred spi­ral, is for all life to thrive, to live in truth. All life is to live with earth’s natural abun­dance. It is in this sacred synchronicity that all things fall into order.

Align your Divbanner 250x250-2ine

* Our vision is to restore and uplift health.
* Our mis­sion is to pro­vide nat­ural health, super-consciousness prod­ucts for body, mind and spirit.
* Our goal is to pro­mote alter­na­tive healthy nutrition.
At The Goodly Com­pany we are well on our way to address­ing com­pro­mised immune sys­tems, and affect­ing your well being and mak­ing you feel better.





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