Soul Coaching

Do You Want to:

  • Open your heart more?
  • Discover your soul path for this incarnation?
  • Clear away doubts and fears so you can become a clear channel of divine light?
  • Untangle inner knots & increase your divine energy flow?
  • Set & reach your desired goals on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual planes?

Then Soul Coaching is for you
and there is no better time than NOW to
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What is involved?

  • As a dowser and a geomancer I will teach you how to clear unwanted programs, beliefs and non beneficial energies in or around their beings, residences or places of work.
  • As a crystal skull carrier I work with crystals to cut through your unwanted blocks and psychic cords and I use sound therapy and sacred geometry to intensify the light body.
  • As a soul coach I combine all these life experiences and tools to assist you to move from where you are to where you want to be. Usually this involves resolving issues and/or fears from the PAST or about the FUTURE. I help you become fully present NOW so you always are in the right place at the right time following your bliss.


Tyhson’s presence and caring heart is a precious gift. I am truly grateful I had the opportunity to receive his Wellness Services and felt renewed, safe and loved. What looked like an ‘Impossible’ challenge became possible under Tyhson’s direction. All will thrive under his genuine and quality attention.  Thank you. 

Susan, Summer 2013

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