Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body by Jessie E. Ayani

Book Review by Serah Roer February 14, 2012 (Valentine’s Day)

Thank you Jessie E. Ayani for your book,  Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body, Heart of the Sun 2004

[important] The path of self-mastery asks that we become aware of our self as light/energy – sacred geometry compressed into form (our rainbow body).[/important]

Reading pages 89 to 93 last evening and this morning gives me this insight.

Physical Body is where we carry the Genes of the Bloodline and all that these might entail.

Detoxify this to integrate the Light into The Mother Earth and obtain Mastery of the physical form for Good Health.   The Ascending Triangle of the human body creates the Gateway of Fire- the Portal to the Body of Light, the eye of the needle.

The Etheric Body is the source energy to the Physical Form via the nerve trunks of the body that carry electrons of metabolism and respiration.  The rising energy flow of the Etheric Body benefits both the Physical and the Emotional Body.

The Emotional Body is the bridge between the Physical and the 4th Dimension Astral World.  It sends messages through the Etheric to the Physical via Chemicals of Feeling through the blood stream in the thought forms of fear, anger and joy etc.

The Emotional Body interfaces with the Mental Body (Astral Field) The Unconscious Mind flow misguides and creates preprogrammed reactions. Healing the Emotional Body makes for Conscious Isolation of the Feelings.

Three Dimensional Awareness comes from combining the Physical, Etheric and Emotional bodies on Mother Earth.

The Lower Astral BodiesEmotional Mental and Intellectual Mental are connected to Water and Wind elements.

The Higher Astral Body – is Spiritual Mental

The Assemblage Point Stabilization makes for Mobilization with Control, using Qi from collective Etheric Body of Plant and Nature- Food and Air.

Now we can move energy with intent!

“ Marketers of the New Age would lead us to believe that we have no power to heal without their products, that our DNA has no capability of activating itself without their help, or that we too can learn to channel the masters, thus becoming a guru to others. The list is endless – a supermarket of illusion.  If we regard it as such, we may be able to have some fun shopping.  If we take it too seriously, we will lose our power in the super-market.  Time may prove the New Age to be a short-term exercise in discernment.  Enlightenment has been around through the ages.  There are no certificates or diplomas of self-realization. They wouldn’t fit through the eye of the needle” pgs. 92-93

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