Distant Healing

Star Light, Star Bright

Once upon a time there was a young aboriginal girl, who, in this writing shall go by the name Star. She was living a life that had become all too common with her peoples. She was forced into work at home by physical abuse or threat of painful repercussion should she not comply. She naturally wanted this to stop and yet didn’t want to report her family to authorities as she feared she would become a ward of the government. She had amazing loyalty and love for family even though the hardship was immense. Perhaps more than anything, there was a wonderful sense that somehow this situation could change—well, more than change, it could heal.

Star needed to share her story, to speak to someone about what she was dealing with for her own sanity and to simultaneously keep hope alive – hope that she wouldn’t have to leave her home and her family. She spoke with a student counsellor and this helped some… however she feared that the only answer being given was to report the family to social services. And perhaps this is something that should happen; after all, there is hope in our society that intervention can help break the cycle of violence.

The student councillor asked me if I had spoken with this student and if not, could I. Of course I could! I invited Star into my space, called the “Soft Room”. Star was already familiar with me as I facilitate Mindfulness in her classroom.

Even so, she willingly came with me, looking a wee bit curious…

Star settled in, relaxing into cushions on the floor and with a faraway look began to tell the story of her home life – always being careful to not speak of anything that had happened in the most current time – keeping most of her stories to past (past being weeks ago, or months…) seemingly protecting her family from possible disintegration. Star disclosed to me types of violence she experienced not only from parents, but from siblings as well. She attempted to slough it off as being “the way it is”… and thinking that the only way out, was the way through, living out the years until 18 years of age. I felt deeply moved by her stories. Once upon a time I too had a life of violence. I felt responsibility and oneness with this situation… I began chanting inwardly the Ho’oponopono, “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”. I recalled my own inward promise from long ago that if I were to ever come across violence I would do everything I could to make it stop – to not turn away on or give up.

My first task with Star  was for us to go inward – to a place of the soul – to a place that is spirit itself and is un-touched by the hardships of the physical life. This treasured space is what has been my personal solace in times of trouble. I wanted to make sure that Star knew this place as well. It is that place that that is forever and for always pure, whole, unharmed, perfect in every way. Star knew this space! I could tell by the complete trust she held as she closed her eyes and the way she stayed alert to every word of guidance to the inner self. From deep within Star was guided to emanate the Light that she is, to wash through the hurts and pains of the past, to cast this soulful Light all about her and to breathe with this Light, to allow this Light to heal and cleanse thoughts, feelings, worries, fears of what has gone before and what is to come. Star was aglow from this brief moment in time we shared. I encouraged her to offer this mediation to herself every night, to protect her and to look after herself. It is my belief that as we look after ourselves life around us begins to re-arrange and heal and become renewed in a higher vibration.

I let Star know on no uncertain terms that violence is never an acceptable communication. There is a  way to heal the very deep hurt that causes anyone to be violent;  that if all people could love themselves, heal themselves, they would no longer choose violence as a way of expression…

I sent Star away with hope that miracles would come to her… that peace would enter both her heart and her home…

The following days that Star and I met revealed to me the deeply engrained cycle of violence that had become normalized in her life and in this blessed community… I felt so small and at a loss as to how I could help. I felt too close to energetically enter the sacred space of this family. Star so honoured her family, her father in particular, even though it is he that seemed to me the most frightening persona to deal with. I felt that I didn’t have the courage, strength and perhaps most of all, the permission, to meet with this family on an etheric level.  Star was willing to work with her own self and yet there was so much more… a family, generations of deep troubles and hurt…

My soul remembered dear Tyhson Banighen…I remembered him as a person who senses the land, the history, the culture, the spirit of the First Nations people. I saw Tyhson as one who could walk in the stars, with this Star, and speak to the people’s hearts in a way that they could hear truth. I don’t even know how I knew this—I just knew. I sent Tyhson an email with an explanation of the dilemma I felt myself to be in and the immense hope I had that he would be able to do what he does so well and assist this family to a place of healing, of wholing, of happiness, of true wellness.

Tyhson began his work.

Star came to school brighter, stronger. Her mother was smiling so much so that Star said she didn’t recognize her! The father’s hand seemed to stop before he could follow through with any type of violent act not just with Star, with older siblings as well. Star could speak with her mother and father and ask them to change their ways – to simply talk to her when they needed her to act differently.

The changes began. There were moments when things seemed to fall back into old cycles. I would email Tyhson and let him know. Things would change again.

Star would go from being elated to being frightened – her etheric visions were becoming more frequent and she saw too many “dead people”. Her parents don’t want her to stop as she has, she would say a little disgusted, “The Gift”. They wanted her to keep the gift as it would be helpful in years to come. She wasn’t so sure. She wanted it to stop.

Tyhson’s words showed the alignment of his work with what Star was sharing with me…

There is no coincidence that her name is Star as her life purpose is quite Angelic. Tell her to call on her guardian angels to assist her with protection and to ask them to guide her. She has chosen an important role to play in this lifetime which is not only to bring change and transformation to her family but also to her tribal group. The theme is forgiveness. By forgiving those that abuse her she will transmute all the non beneficial energy around her and infuse all with light. She can escape to nature to do this forgiveness work. I am holding her my heart and will continue to send loving transformation to all involved by working with their higher selves and their guides.
Thank you for this unique opportunity to work with an earth bound angel.
Blessing to you and her for the transformative work you are both called to do.
Lots of love.

I would email Tyhson again!  And again he would go to work and Star found comfort again with her position in her world. Things began to settle for Star deep in her soul. She was (and I believe still is) faithful to her self care each night – even though her sisters and even the dog would wonder what she is up to as she covers her eyes to send love to her future…  Star has learned to speak up for herself and for her siblings. The violence that once was normal has shifted to talking, to what we might call “normal” discipline of our youth.

One month after beginning to work with Tyhson towards Star’s healing I wrote this email:

There is lots happening that is so interesting and so wonderful. the journey is just beginning and it is off to a beautiful start. Star’s weekend was better than usual. This does not yet mean no violence. What it does mean is that there is happiness budding in the home. She said she doesn’t even know her mother! Her mom is like a happy girl and it is “weird”, she just doesn’t know her this way! I said this IS your mother and enjoy this, get to know her. The father continues with a heavy hand and yet there is change. His work place had some issues and these are being resolved making a happier work day and no doubt a happier time when he gets home. After he met me he told Star that I am the best “yoga” teacher as I am an “elder”!! (I graduated!!!!) Star said, “you know, you have long hair and well, you are like a kookum (grandma) so he thinks you have experience and understanding that younger ones don’t have”. So I passed the ‘test’ and this is so important in this journey!

A remark made to Star by her mom is that whatever it is Star is doing, she should keep doing it. Star is giving Reiki (yoga) to the dog and the dog loves it. Star is faithful to look after her soulful self each night and her older sister continues to ask for more.

My supervisor came in today saying that something has to be done — she can’t sleep at night for thinking about Star (and a couple others in the school) I felt relieved as I really wanted those in the school with the position of decision making to step up and say they are going to be very watchful and ready to report if necessary. I needed to hear this so I could let it go and keep totally with the work that is most important for wellness and healing.
Again and again I am grateful for, as you have said so beautifully, the opportunity to be a vessel for the Divine to make use of. And I am again and again grateful to you Tyhson. The work is amazing and I am so blessed to bear witness to the budding of Life Divine.

I remember one day in particular with Star. We were meditating in the soft room was in my room when a knock came on the  door to let us know that Star’s father had come early to school to pick her up. She was so excited that I could meet him. I was nervous! I met Star’s father. I looked  in his amazing eyes, I shook hands with this towering handsome and strong man, and then recalled a movie I had written a paper on in my graduate studies. I saw before me a man so similar to one in the movie – a man in the movie that I had hated for what he done.

It seemed so strange, years ago, as I watched that movie over and over until I felt in my heart that I could sit and have tea with this man I thought I hated and at last ask him to tell me what happened. Now, this man in front of me stood… a soul to be acknowledged. He  had been forced out of his home when he was 14. He had survived being shot in the head repeatedly. Today he holds a good job in his community never indulges with alcohol or drugs and insists on the same for his children. I know he protects his children from outside abuse of any kind. Like any parent, he wants his children to shine, to be the best they can be.  From shaking his hand, looking into the window of his soul, looking in from Stars heart to his – all that could possibly come is healing – that truly is the desire and so it is of all peoples – or so I believe…as does Tyhson…

So I too healed from the violence that I once held. All this from having a Star enter into my Soft Room – All this from having Tyhson enter into my world and the world of Star, the planet and this blessed universe.

As time went by I continued to witness changes, opening, love in action… I fire another email off to Tyhson:

Star… my goodness what a journey and what a gift to witness the transformation that has and continues to occur.

The violence has decreased in a big way. The physical ‘out bursts’ are softening. Star is able to call out to the father and he listens to her request for him to not go to the extremes and communicate by talking, not striking. He is talking more, telling stories of his own life, how things were for him as a child, listening to Star… when I first began seeing her she didn’t like her parents and felt she could occasionally talk to the mom and never the dad. Now she enjoys going to town with him and sharing with him how she is feeling and doing. The mom is, as I mentioned some time back, “different” and much happier… still can be mean and yet this is softened also. Star was able to have a different room to sleep in and now shares space with a little brother and the family dog. She can do her Reiki 3 positions without being questioned or bugged about what she is doing.

Nightmares continue to bother her sleep to a great degree. The scariest thing for her about the dreams is the way they tell the future and are often fulfilled. She doesn’t feel able to go into the dreams and change anything and has a difficult time to go back to sleep at all.

The happiness she has is such a joy to see. I am incredibly grateful and blessed to be a part of her journey. I am incredibly grateful and blessed to have you assisting with this journey Tyhson.

And the story continues on…
Star can see many spirits in and around her home. She sees energy that has not yet become physical… simple things like a pencil dropping to the ground, she will see this before it happens. she says its “weird” and she isn’t all that comfortable being different. I suggest it is beautiful and a gift. She says that is what her parents say!

And from Tyhson… again a perfect confirmation…

Star walks between worlds and as you say acts as a guide to help others cross to the other side not to follow them. As a shaman her primary focus is to assist those here on the 3rd D cope by providing insight and showing them through her own actions how she/they can change their personal 3d worlds in positive ways so they don’t have to cross over into death but rather can co-create their new 5th D realities and beyond.

Nine months later I saw this Star. She was with her mother and 3 little siblings. Her “Hullo Ms. Mullen!” was vibrant, proud, strong –  a beautiful sight and sound for this heart to witness.

I think I saw a Star be born… shining so bright, so strong, so perfect…

Thank you… thank you Tyhson, Thank you Spirit, thank you God… Thank you Star… blessed be the Star that shines…

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    Hi Tyhson,

    I am writing to you because I am having trouble somewhat urinating fully and at times it is only by bits and I wish I could pee normally. Recently on a CAT Scan I was diagnosed with 2 kidney stones in the right kidney, 1 larger than the other. I have taken quite a number of natural medicines so I I am not sure if they have decreased in size or not and I wish they would dissolve. I would like to know if you can assist with a distant healing. You seem to be quite experienced and I appreciate that very much, reason I am writing to you.

    Thank you,


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