How can you just stop eating meat and drinking milk

Written by Serah Roer, Saturday, 24 July 2010 09:13

A. How can you just stop eating meat and drinking milk when you know you would soon be sick and tired and your bones will start breaking easily?

B. Please open your eyes for a moment and look around you. People ARE sick and tired and many elderly folk HAVE osteoporosis, they took their milk and calcium pills faithfully too. What do most people eat? A diet that creates disease, high in animal protein. We also eat far too much fat, refined carbohydrates- like white flour and pasta- and sugary foods. This is what makes us sick and tired. What is even more crazy is that the powers that be who KNOW WHY we are sick continue to push this poison. Why? Because the ones who own/control the treatment of disease, the production of the so-called medicines, the growers of the livestock that we eat and the junk that is put in processed food make big money and that is all they seem to care about. Not to worry, God will help those who fall off the cliff into obesity, cancer, helplessness and early death. Personally I want to break from the herd and eat like a goat- tasty, fresh, whole-plant based FOOD. Try it for a while, it’s not easy to switch, but your body will love you for it. Elite athletes like Toni Gonzales, Jon Hinds, Carl Lewis, Martina Navritalova, to name a few, eat NO animal products and they don’t look sick and tired to me! Check it out! Oh, by the way, become a skeptic too, don’t believe a word of what you read about food supplements and on the front of eyecatching food packages.

Go with the REAL whole FOOD that you buy in the produce section and be healthy please!

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