The book China Study is Changing Our Eating Habits

Written by Serah Roer
Saturday, 24 July 2010 08:50

On being nudged into the China Study book, it didn’t take long for the nudge turn to turn into a push for me to learn more and put ‘less meat and more than two veg’ into my own eating habits. Here are some of the posts that I submitted over the three part eCornell Nutrition Course. Also some feed back through the little fluorite crystal skull, Beauvert.

Since then I see much activity and discussion on the internet and out there about the China Study and its implications and research material. Most people are still fixated on individual Nutrients in food. Instead we need to take in the whole product and just enjoy the symphony of nutrients it provides and the health and healing benefits we are given in organic produce grown with love and respect for the Mother Earth and her elemental helpers.

More articles to follow on this topic.

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