On the Way to One Wholly Healthy Planet.

Channelled by Serah Roer via Beau Vert the crystal skull
Saturday, 24 July 2010 09:45

Following on from the book review of The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas W. Campbell published in the Spring Quester Journal.

The eCornell course- is completed and the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate in hand. www.ecornell.com/online/tcc info@ecornell.com 1-866-326-7635

Now what? Create a blog on line, to discuss the how and whys with others? Collect recipes and menus to use and share; find sources of locally grown organic produce and of course work/play in the garden at home and reap the harvest as it ripens. Many of you do this already and are very aware of the fact that we are what we eat.

Looking for the big picture, Beauvert, my 8x5x5cm fluorite crystal skull, came to mind, so with pad and pen in hand and Beavert at my elbow we sat down to collaborate again. It was the day after the powerful Grand Cross Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, when we had attended a wonderful gathering with a Huna Healing Ceremony for the Gulf of Mexico.

7.25am June 27th 2010.

Question:- What steps should be taken now on the path of nutritional awareness for myself and others?

‘You are already aware of the disaster of the Western Diet and its consequences. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and the rampant effects of animal protein and sugar consumption addiction that has spread world-wide.

The Gulf of Mexico disaster could be compared to this, in that it is about a world-wide addiction to the use of petrolatum. Unfortunately the world governments are under the control of a cabal that can only see the almighty dollar sign in the products of their industry that rapes the planet of resources both above and below the earth. This is of course an addiction in itself and makes human appetites for food and oil appear as justification to keep on their path.

The term ‘hitting the wall’ is the only method of addiction treatment that can start a shift. Putting the victim of addiction into an environment free of the addicting substance for a length of time with strict supervision, loving support, psychological counselling and much tough love, is the only route to have any hope of a lasting effect. The term ‘cold turkey’ comes to mind. What that poor fowl has to do with addiction remains to be seen!

So all the planetary humans need do is to take meat/dairy farming, oil drilling and combustion engine and the world banking system, as examples, and examine their affects on the psyche of the world. As with smokers and alcoholics there has been some progress, laws made and support societies created to reduce the personal health and collateral damage that these products create.

On the whole the human health damage from animal protein consumption has yet to be exposed. The collateral damage of agri-business is concealed, covered by chemicals. The mining, drilling for oil products and its collateral damage is being realized as we speak to you now. The world-wide banking system has reduced the population’s independence, self-empowerment and esteem to their ability to use the man made resource called money; ‘coin of the realm’; cash; the almighty dollar or just change in the pocket of the beggars on the street corner. Learn, work, hold down that job, retire! The wheel of life in this, the end times, is for most humans, one of a tread mill. That of keeping up with debt and mortgage payments; with the news as it comes over the airwaves; with ‘the Jones’ next door who were able to get that new car, take a flight to Mexico to gain a few more pounds at the ‘all inclusive…’, or to borrow more money to maintain this life style. No time to examine the consequences of runaway inflation and the possible effect of the collapse if the house of worthless paper bank notes were to crash world-wide.

What is there that is real, dependable, safe and life saving in this world today?

A Community of Friends is the starting point. ‘It takes a village’ is a saying that applies to this. Why are humans all so individually gifted and different? So they can work together as one in these times to overcome the hardships and challenges that are approaching fast.

Way showers are needed.

  • Those who already practice as vegetarians;
  • Those who know how to grow healthy food on healthy land;
  • Those who know how to prepare, cook and preserve these foods.
  • Experts in their field to assist the addicted to keep them ‘on the wagon’.
  • As teachers in schools where children and adults can learn why the values of Love, Compassion and good relationships would avoid traumas in later life and are infinitely more valuable than unnecessary competition and the involved stress.
  • To show how does a cashless society work successfully?

This may be the big question the planet needs to be asking very soon. You have the awareness. Then next big step for mankind is to bite the bullet and know that the planet will survive and that you need to go within for the answers.

Then be the movers and shakers that make changes happen.

Ask for help! Your guides, angels, elementals et al are just waiting excitedly to be asked. You are so loved and appreciated in your many expressions of humanity.

8.40am. Thank you Beavert! Again, the Ho’oponono prayer to clean, clean, clean and clear.

I Love You! Please Forgive Me! I’m Sorry! Thank you!

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