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I am a wellness provider myself with 40 years of passion and experience. I have been around the block a few times. Heard and seen it all.  My passion is helping Wellness Providers find more clients and generate more business. Is that what you want? If yes, then I am your new personal business wellness coach

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Business Background

I have a Master of Arts in Whole Systems Design and Organizational Renewal, a Conflict Resolution Certificate from the Justice Institute, studied at the Banff School of Management, designed and taught Models and Case Studies in Community Economic Development and Conflict and Intervention at Communications Department at Simon Fraser University,

I have sat on and chaired numerous nonprofit organizations, foundations and provided consulting to many start up companies and created and ran a charitable nonprofit society since 1975. As your personal business wellness coach I bring 40 years of passion and experience to bear.

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Client testimonial

My name is Kathy Reid and I have just recently started a new business venture. As with most new business there are many unanswered questions and feelings of uncertainty. I knew it was important to seek out professional advice from others that have been involved in many types of business for guidance. My dear friend, Tyhson Banighen is the one person who I knew would give me direction and solid advice. He has a great sense of knowingness  and intuition, yet a straight to the point business sense with his guidance. Due to his many years of being involved in many types of businesses he is always able to assist me with my questions. His non judgmental expertise has allowed me to feel certain that his advice is in alignment with my targeting goal. I love his kind mannerism and his ability to get to the root of the matter which often times would allow me to come to my own conclusion, very empowering for me. He is the first person I would call for any advice on any topic of concern as he is level headed, yet he is gentle and he has the ability to turn any situation into a positive one. Tyhson Banighen is an amazing business coach, I would highly recommend him.

Kathy Reid is the Founder of Total Health Fair of which Tyhson Banighen Wellness Services is a participating member.

Tyhson Banighen is a Licensed Coach and a founding Member of Impact .

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