Doctor in a Bottle

clearI highly recommend you travel with a small bottle of Sprouting Health in your bag. It’s your doctor In a bottle. Just spray the Triticum Aestivum (TA) extract on any part of the body that hurts. It provides enzymes and nutrients directly to affected areas through the skin (transdermally). The nutrients are quickly and easily absorbed.and relieves pain associated with sunburns, scrapes, bruises, aches and pains and helps you get a deep night’s sleep. Every boater, camper, athlete or outdoor enthusiast should have a bottle  for emergency purposes. Just spray the doctor in a bottle for relief.

Testimonial: Les is a 59 year Alberta horse rancher, an auctioneer and a caller at races and rodeos! He has been using Triticum Aestivum Amber for 10 to 15 years. He attributes his ability to call at auctions for hours on end without his voice giving out or getting tired, to using the Triticum spray that he sprays on the exterior of his neck and down the back of his throat after and during a busy day on the microphone. It keeps his voice sharp and he knows to spray if he ever gets a scratchy throat. People are amazed at the power of his voice after a whole day of calling.

Other uses for the TA Amber for him and his three award winning, athletic sons who all carry TA in their sports bags are:-

• Post dental surgery healing occurs fast.
• Soft tissue injuries’, pain reduced and heal fast.
• Muscles that are to be used strenuously do not tire easily when sprayed before and after exercise.
• For knee, ankle and finger bumps and strains, TA is used by the basketball and baseball playing sons.
• Surface burns heal up faster with TA than with burn ointments.
• Hemorrhoids sprayed with TA heal in a couple of days.
• Anything that hurts he sprays with TA.

Les uses about 2 bottles of TA 120 ml a month and he has only used the TA Amber product because it works on so many areas of the body. He can be reached at Les McIntyre

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