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Interview with TYHSON BANIGHEN

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Kathy        Welcome everyone to our Wednesday night Dowsing Call and this is Kathy Wilson of Healing Nexus and I’m coming to you from Toronto, Canada. We have on our call tonight, our guest Tyhson Banighen, who’s coming to us from Tappen, BC. Tyhson is a licensed sound coach and spiritual healer. He works with a number of sound healing modalities, as well as a number of other healing modalities. This is the fourth time Tyhson, having you on the call. I absolutely love having Tyhson because he’s so eclectic and he has such a wide range of knowledge in terms of subtle energy. All right. Tonight what we’re talking about is the Waters of Life and Sound Healing. Our title is What Is In Your Voice Is In Your Life. So Tyhson, I’m going to let you roll in on your own here.


Tyhson     Well good evening everybody, it’s a great pleasure to be back on a call and getting an opportunity to share what I find very exciting and that is sound healing. This is something dear to my heart. The beauty of sound healing is that sound can’t be grasped by the intellect or the rational mind and therefore it can bypass analysis that we’re so used to and want to do with our intellect to figure things out. And therefore, sound can go to the collective and the unconscious aspects of our being and work at that level. As you know, we’re surrounded by sound. We’re almost overwhelmed by sound and by vibrations. In fact, the whole frequencies that we’re enshrouded with, there are 1,750 or more man-made frequencies that are interrupters to our bio-system or bio-frequencies. So, we have a real job to try and maintain our energy, our bio-system – which are frequencies or a collection of frequencies – at a level that we can maintain our health and maintain our well-being. So that’s what this call is about.

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