Learning From Edison


According to legend, it took Thomas Edison over a thousand tries to create the first  viable, commercial light bulb. In other words, he failed many times!

The quote below is taken from a January 1921 issue of American Magazine in an interview with Thomas Edison.

After we had conducted thousands of experiments on a certain project without solving the problem, one of my associates, after we had conducted the crowning experiment and it had proved a failure, expressed discouragement and disgust over our having failed to find out anything. I cheerily assured him that we had learned something. For we had learned for a certainty that the thing couldn’t be done that way, and that we would have to try some other way.”

What this quote so aptly points out is that Edison never gave even though those around him were becoming frustrated and disenchanted, he persevered and believed there was a way to make it work!  Many of us would have given up much sooner! I guess the biggest lesson we can learn from Edison when it comes to our goals in our life and in our business, is do not pay attention to the naysayers (including yourself) and that you have not truly failed until you stop trying!


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