To The Canadian Federal Minister responsible for Agriculture and Fisheries.

SWMletterDear Sir,

As an informed citizen I would like to voice my opinion concerning Canadian Nutritional Policy. To achieve a healthy democracy, what would be the best focus but to achieve a truly healthy population in a country where the land is nurtured and strong? From his book The China Study, Dr Colin Campbell has developed on line courses on Nutrition, Diseases of Affluence and Principles in Practice through Cornell University. This is the source of my information and I want to take some action to help spread a little light on the issues around the deteriorating and seemingly difficult matters of what to eat for optimum health. I have learned of numerous studies pointing directly to the reason why ** obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many immunodeficiency diseases** are rampant and unstoppable regardless of the millions of dollars of research spent on them. I am truly shocked and amazed to have found the simple answer to the whole problem and the fact that those answers have been concealed from the public for many years.

The bottom line is that the ‘Science of Nutrition’ is in the hands of those in the business of ‘marketing for profit’! I can see now how nutritional claims, made by the many powerful companies in the agriculture, pharmaceutical and food industry, are totally self serving and are not being held responsible to the consumer’s health. As a human being yourself, are you not concerned about the shocking trend of childhood obesity? Drs who are aware and wanting to help to move the public’s ‘addiction’ from animal to plant based foods are not welcome in the Canadian system and have to stifle their knowledge. This is unconscionable!

I have learned that the problems of the ‘Western Diet’ (**) has spread and is spreading world wide as people ‘learn’ that eating animal protein is the civilized and best thing for them! As you well know, land, water, ocean shorelines and air quality are all at the mercy of mankind’s pollution from chemical imbalances caused by industrialization.
May I respectfully suggest that you consider the fact that pure food, not processed nutrients and products manipulated by technology, is the healthiest thing to eat and that you take some big steps to pull down the curtain of misinformation?
People are waking up, becoming healthy again, eating plant based foods, fruit, greens, vegetables and whole grains. These supply all the nutrients that a human needs when grown on healthy land.

Yours in health,
Serah Roer. Retired RN. Salmon Arm. British Columbia.



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    • rayne jacobsen on January 11, 2020 at 6:31 pm
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    Thanks Serah for speaking up about Nutrition . We need more people to write and express their views or changes will never happen………rayne

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