A Oneness Conversation with Beau Verte the crystal skull

87290027April 5th 2014 6.45am   On the date of my deceased parent’s 79th Wedding Anniversary.

Q.  The Questers presentation in the middle of this month.  Please show me some guidance.

Your purpose as a facilitator is to bring out questions from the audience around the role of women in society in 2014. To demonstrate the power that women have in the home, in the community and in the world as a whole. Gifts, talents and general abilities are now being used to the fullest.  Society is balanced in a whole new way and can function as a whole, holistically and completely. Now, humans are being complete and total energetic models of gender equality and balance. Remembering that all humans have a masculine and a feminine side, awareness of the power of both sides of the brain working as one is so important. Male and female prerogatives have become the prerogative of all, regardless of the outward gender and inner soul of the being.

Permission has been given, gender roles are being blended, allowed to flourish and bloom to the benefit and newly-birthed acceptance of a society of Love, Honour, Respect and Courage to nurture the Planet, Her life and health.

Please note that the photo is of our wedding ‘Party’, Beau Verte is the little green skull peaking out on the right of  the

centre columnar crystal. For more information on adventures with crystal skulls, visit www.energydetective.ca


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