How to adopt a Vegetarian Lifestyle

 vegetariandietThere are a myriad of health benefits when you adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, but many find that they struggle with such a drastic change to their diet. If you fall into this category and are feeling guilty and frustrated because you succumbed to eating meat again, stop beating yourself up! As the saying goes…”Rome was not built in a day!” You have to look at becoming a vegetarian as a lifelong plan not a diet and for best results it is sometimes better to dip your toe in the water before you plunge in full force.

If you are struggling, start slow by eating less meat. Make a plan to only eat red meat two or three times a week or even better stop eating red meat altogether and substitute wild salmon or free range chicken for the meat eating days. On the non meat days try experimenting with different vegetarian dishes from a specialty cookbook or check out the internet for recipes. If you are concerned about getting enough nutrition check out this FREE vegetarian nutrition guide. Eventually you can start working towards leaving the meat out all together. Remember slow and steady wins the race!

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