Gut problems?

Many gut issues are related to an overly acidic body. The time has finally come to learn how best to detoxify heavy metals and restore a normal pH to the body.

Symptoms are often associated with dysbiosis include esophogitis, colitis, malabsorption, the presence of “gut bugs,” and mal-formed stool (either constipation or diarrhea).

Heavy metals and environmental chemicals may cause metabolic acidosis. Additionally poor diet, medications, and stress can all deplete minerals, exacerbating the overly acidic condition in the gut and contributing to dysbiosis and malabsorption. When the body ceases to absorb proper nutrients, organic minerals and mineral supplements never have the opportunity to reach their proper destinations. The lack of these alkaline molecules further amplifies acidity in the body, which will lead to even greater breakdown of absorption in the gut. Further, when our bodies are too acidic, this hampers the normal metabolism of the cell, making it more difficult for it to clean out and eliminate toxicity.

cerra-systemThe Cerra Water is used to treat the symptoms of acidosis by helping to remineralize and alkalize the gut.

The cartridge removes chlorine and other contaminates from the water and deposits negative hydroxyl ions and essential minerals into the water This ionic water has an abundance of extra electrons that are donated to free radicals in the body, helping the water serve as a superior antioxidant. Further, minerals in the water become ionized, making them smaller and more readily available to the body. The ionized water is 6 times more hydrating than tap or bottles water. Ionized water provides the safest method for increasing the body’s pH and improving digestion.

Doctor F. Batmanghelidj has documented that the unique hydrating effects of the ionized water helps the brain chemistry to function in a normal way.

We live in a very toxic world, and environmental chemicals beyond mercury will continue to plague our bodies and contribute to acidosis. The Cerra alkaline ionized water unit is safe for the entire family to use to help reduce toxic overload and restore normal pH to the body.

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The original article from which this one was extracted was written by Pamela Barinoff, B.A., N.C.,Certified Nutritional Consultant, Ph: 604-535-0742,

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