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Free Nutrition Guide

Special Time Limited Offer. Free Nutrition Guide! If you’d like to thrive on a vegetarian diet and stop being vulnerable to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, here’s great news…There’s a new nutrition guide, “How Vegetarians Get Calcium, Iron, Protein, A, B12 & D”. And it’s yours FREE, thanks to The Vegetarian Health Institute.When you request it, …

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A Oneness Conversation with Beau Verte the crystal skull

April 5th 2014 6.45am   On the date of my deceased parent’s 79th Wedding Anniversary. Q.  The Questers presentation in the middle of this month.  Please show me some guidance. Your purpose as a facilitator is to bring out questions from the audience around the role of women in society in 2014. To demonstrate the …

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How to adopt a Vegetarian Lifestyle

 There are a myriad of health benefits when you adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, but many find that they struggle with such a drastic change to their diet. If you fall into this category and are feeling guilty and frustrated because you succumbed to eating meat again, stop beating yourself up! As the saying goes…”Rome was …

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To The Canadian Federal Minister responsible for Agriculture and Fisheries.

Dear Sir, As an informed citizen I would like to voice my opinion concerning Canadian Nutritional Policy. To achieve a healthy democracy, what would be the best focus but to achieve a truly healthy population in a country where the land is nurtured and strong? From his book The China Study, Dr Colin Campbell has …

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Want to lose weight then try a vegetarian diet.

Want to lose weight? Do you have trouble losing weight… and keeping it off?then try a vegetarian diet. If so, there’s a reason. The food industry creates unnaturally rich, high calorie foods that starve you for nutrients and leave you hungry. So overeating is the only way to feel full. Despite getting enough calories, your …

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Animal protein causes modern day diseases

Animal proteins are the cause of most modern day diseases. Not convinced then check out The Rave Diet Book and Eating DVD would be enough to convince a healthy person, but if you have a life threatening condition that has been said to irreversible, don’t waste any more time just start eating a plant based diet. Loving …

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