Bio-Energy Programs


Tyhson Banighen Wellness Services is now partnering with The HeartMind Institute, to bring you some outstanding sound technologies to support your transformation.

The Heart Mind Institute programs will help you achieve your personal goals.
During these times of high levels of stress it is helpful to bypass the thinking mind and access the deeper levels of consciousness so change and transformation can happen in your life with ease and grace.

From The HeartMind Institute

Our approach is based on our profound belief that nature’s creations are the most perfect, the most harmonious. The HeartMind Institute constantly strives to learn more from nature and be in tune with the beauty and life-enhancing source of nature – no chemicals, no additives.

The HeartMind Institute’s organic and botanical remedies contain energetic essences which have tremendous life empowering qualities, far beyond any synthetic chemical substitute.

We are not a Medical but a Lifestyle enhancing company. However, The HeartMind Institute, of course, studies many different medical treatment modalities as they exist today. Special consideration was given to the Homeopathy approach as it is practiced by medical doctors in Europe and many other countries because of its proven effectiveness.

In simple words, homeopathy takes small amounts of healing substances and creates combinations to activate specific responses in our physical bodies. The HeartMind Institute takes this a step further. Our leading-edge, scientific breakthrough pin-points the Bio-Frequency essence of natural components such as herbs, flowers, juices, plants, minerals, crystals, vitamins, essential oils, light colors, amino-acids, gemstones, hormones, and many other organic ingredients.

Scientifically selected Bio-Frequency essences are then combined to create our copyrighted programs, including the harmonization of each Frequency program with our professional studio composed music – pleasant and most users friendly.

Our programs incorporate authentic ancient, traditional and contemporary applications for natural healing, beauty, physical & mental performance.

Everyday, Everywhere our programs give you a consistent, profound sense of Wellbeing and Joy.

Nature based, Bio-Resonant Frequency Technology at its best.





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