Cell Mg Body Gel

Cell Magnesium GelCell Mg Body Gel

This magnesium chloride gel is an excellent means of absorbing critically needed magnesium and essential moisture for cellular regeneration. It is very effective when applied on the body, especially after a hot bath or shower, when the pores are wide open. It is the most popular method of applying cellular magnesium because of busy lifestyles. It is safe for any area of the body.

This magnesium gel can be added to or used in lieu of shampoos, conditioners or other lotions in any proportion. It is a wonderful shaving gel and massage lotion. It is synergistic with deep massage work as the benefits of muscle manipulation combine with the healing properties of magnesium chloride to bring new levels of relief and comfort. As an added benefit, we then energetically enhance it using a proprietary process that maintains the integrity and vitality of the product.

This magnesium gel should be applied first thing in the morning and just before bed as part of one’s daily routine. *One full body treatment alone has been proven to deliver more cellular magnesium than five years of oral supplementation. Enjoy this topical/transdermal method without the adverse diuretic or laxative effects of oral magnesium supplementation.

Note: If at any time while using the Body Gel you experience dryness of skin, it means that you may be dehydrated. Drink plenty of water as part of your daily routine.

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