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The Tri-Triticum Clearing & Grounding System

The Tri-Triticum Clearing & Grounding System

Triticum is a product made from sprouted wheat that grounds electrical magnetic energies (EMFs) and the more than 1,700 man made interrupters that cause stress and pain. from a person’s energy field.

Tri-Triticum System

A. The Three Clippies

 The clippies with Triticum are in the experimental stage and are intended to create a triangle of power, balance and endurance for those that work hard all day or for those who experience pain or stress. As we age we feel the wear and tear in their bodies and in particular our backs. A clippie is placed in the laces of each work boot or shoe and one in the belt which helps you ground and clear your energy fields during the day which in turn releases pain from their your body.   At the end of the work day when you take off your work belts and boots your body will experience a bit of a systems let down as it is no longer supported by the Triticum. The silver dot is a Canadian quarter $30.00 includes shipping.

 B. Healing Ring with Triticum

 To deal with this we have developed a Healing Ring (HR) with Triticum inside to put around the bottom of your easy chairs to continue the grounding. When you pass the HR through a person’s energy field it cuts all intrusions into your field and pulls your auric field tighter into your body which allows you to ground more effectively. The HR under a chair creates a vertical column that with the addition of Triticum doubles the effectiveness of the HR.  0# Value Assembly with Triticum inside to build your own Healing Energy Ring $30.00 includes shipping. Assembly instructions included.

C. Triticum Radionics Coil


The leyline radionics broadcast sends your healing intention which is placed inside to the Triticum radionics coil to the Triticum Radionics coil placed under their mattress. When you go to bed the Triticum continues to ground you and transmit your healing intention.  We also encourage you to spray Triticum into the air over the bed which helps cancel out the EMFs from the atmosphere and on the sheets where you have back or shoulder pain. Free of pain you will have a deep night’s sleep which will allow your body to restore and repair. $150.00 includes shipping.




Order all three products at the same time for only $ 160.00 plus shipping.

Your feedback from your experience is appreciated as we test and improve our Tri-Triticum Clearing & Grounding System.

Thanks to Greg Miller of Sprouting Health for developing this awesome product called Triticum, to John Living for developing the Healing Ring and to the devic energies of wheat who are so willing to support human evolution.

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