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On the Way to One Wholly Healthy Planet.

Channelled by Serah Roer via Beau Vert the crystal skull Saturday, 24 July 2010 09:45 Following on from the book review of The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas W. Campbell published in the Spring Quester Journal. The eCornell course- is completed and the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate in hand. www.ecornell.com/online/tcc info@ecornell.com 1-866-326-7635 Now what? …

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Healthy Vegetarian Choices

Serah Roer, Tyhson Banighen’s partner, is now a Certified Master Vegetarian with the Vegetarian Health Institute having completed 50 on line lessons with the Vegetarian Mastery Course, Serah can now help you make new healthy choices about what to eat. Free 15 minute consultation 250 835-8236