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Veg. to go!

written by Serah Roer, May 17, 2011 Well it has happened!   It took a while. As my mother would say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’!  After much vacillating and back tracking; justifying; trials and errors; testing and reading of numerous books;  by George I think we are vegetarians!  After reading The China Study and …

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Animal protein causes modern day diseases

Animal proteins are the cause of most modern day diseases. Not convinced then check out www.ravediet.com. The Rave Diet Book and Eating DVD would be enough to convince a healthy person, but if you have a life threatening condition that has been said to irreversible, don’t waste any more time just start eating a plant based diet. Loving …

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Food Label reading is so confusing!

Written by Serah Roer Saturday, 24 July 2010 09:02 Label reading is so confusing! What do you do to ensure your getting a healthy product? Step One: Speed read the front label, but do not believe anything you read. Remember, Food manufacturers use this prime real estate to entice shoppers to buy their products. Step …

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The book China Study is Changing Our Eating Habits

Written by Serah Roer Saturday, 24 July 2010 08:50 On being nudged into the China Study book, it didn’t take long for the nudge turn to turn into a push for me to learn more and put ‘less meat and more than two veg’ into my own eating habits. Here are some of the posts …

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On the Way to One Wholly Healthy Planet.

Channelled by Serah Roer via Beau Vert the crystal skull Saturday, 24 July 2010 09:45 Following on from the book review of The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas W. Campbell published in the Spring Quester Journal. The eCornell course- is completed and the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate in hand. www.ecornell.com/online/tcc info@ecornell.com 1-866-326-7635 Now what? …

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Eating Consciously: Chewing on New-trition

Cooking is the ‘food language spoken’ by the person who is responsible for the rhythmic production of meals in a home. Often bought through from the original family fare, cooked by the mother traditions of the cultural cuisine, using products found in the local market stores, creating tastes and habits that make for feeling of …

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Healthy Vegetarian Choices

Serah Roer, Tyhson Banighen’s partner, is now a Certified Master Vegetarian with the Vegetarian Health Institute having completed 50 on line lessons with the Vegetarian Mastery Course, Serah can now help you make new healthy choices about what to eat. Free 15 minute consultation 250 835-8236